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Text Analysis & Sentiment Analysis Software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


In the next few minutes you are going to discover an exciting sentiment analysis software that will highly increase the effectiveness of your communication with customers.

If you’ve been looking for a way to help you build and maintain good relationships with clients through the use of online communication (emails, chat, social media, etc), IntenCheck will surely provide you with more than you’ve expected.

Using the IntenCheck text analysis tool – which at the moment is completely FREE to use! – will allow you to analyze any text, whether it’s your customer’s email, your company’s newsletter or an email that you’re writing to a client. The results you get by analyzing the chosen text will immediately show you what’s the strongest emotion it expresses, if the communication style is appropriate or whether the text appears to be sincere or not.

What does this really mean?

This means that you can now write replies to your angry customers in a way that fits their communication style and expresses emotions that will make them come to better sentiments. It means that you can write company newsletters that express positive feelings, such as joy and surprise, and that deliver the message effectively to different types of people – whether they tend to think more in images, feelings or sounds.

It also means that you can analyze your clients’ or colleagues’ messages and adapt your communication for each individual in particular, according to their preferred way of communicating. You can make sure you stay on the same frequency with them and develop fulfilling and long-lasting relationships.

You are probably already considering all the other ways in which using our text and sentiment analysis tool – IntenCheck – will help you get better results in the future, so why not just start using it now and see for yourself how well it works?

Make sure to read the case studies provided below if you need more information before making this technology a part of your daily use.

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