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Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Lawyers.


Being a great lawyer takes a lot of hard work and, ultimately, great skills in communication in order to prove your point and convince a jury by the end of a trial.

What if you could take your communication skills to the next level with the use of a brand new, FREE to use, text analytics and sentiment analysis software?

Imagine yourself in the courtroom delivering with confidence your message to the jury, stating your case in the most impactful way possible. How good would you feel knowing that when it comes to preparing speeches you have a reliable tool that helps you get the most out of every situation?

With IntenCheck, an innovative and exciting sentiment analysis software for analyzing texts, you can now make sure that your message is received exactly as you intend it. Prepare your statements carefully and not only communicate with emotion, but make sure that your words reflect the exact emotion you intend to communicate.

When talking for the jury, make sure that they are able to follow you easily by using words in your statements that they can process easily. Some people are more visual and think more in pictures, some people relate better when they hear words associated with sounds, some people can follow easier when the words you use refer to feelings, and some people are more rational and need to understand better. Don’t let these differences hold you back and, on the contrary, take full advantage of them to deliver your message in the best way for all types of people.

Our text analytics tool easily allows you to check the communication style for your text and you can adjust it according to your preferences. You could even take transcripts of different people talking, and analyze them to better understand their communication style. This would allow you to prepare better statements when dealing with those specific people, making sure that your communication is always at its best.

And because sincerity is such an important factor especially inside a courtroom, IntenCheck can analyze any texts or transcripts and determine if they come across as sincere or not, especially when comparing with other texts or transcripts belonging to the same person. This gives you an even better insight when preparing your own statements and speeches and could perhaps even help you determine in what areas there’s more to it than it was said.

Having read just a few ideas about how our text analytics and sentiment analysis software can help you build a better career as a lawyer, make sure to start using this latest innovative technology right now to take advantage of all that it has to offer. You can also read more in the case studies and white papers provided if you want to learn more about IntenCheck and how the different categories of results.

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