Use cases

Text analysis and sentiment analysis for speech writers.


Imagine what it would be like if you created a perfect speech that delivered the message exactly as you intended it and got exactly the reactions you were after.

This is something that would take a lot of preparation and a tremendous amount of attention to every word included in the speech. But what if it was easier, faster and just as effective?

Developed by highly skilled specialists in linguistics, IntenCheck is a brand new text analysis and sentiment analysis tool that will surely get you excited and ready to use it for your next speech.

With IntenCheck you can analyze your speeches and get valuable insights about the impact of the words you choose to use. Specifically, you can find out exactly what emotions your speech triggers in the minds of the listeners, what communication style is used, what attitudes are promoted and whether the speech appears to be sincere or not.

With the help of our sentiment analysis software, it is now easier than ever before to write speeches which will move the audience and make them feel joy, sadness or anger, disgust, fear or surprise. Simply analyze your speeches, either entirely or part by part, and quickly see what the dominant emotions that the words express are. Our text analysis tool will guide you to make the appropriate adjustments in order to match your purpose.

Also make sure that your speech is equally effective for different types of people, who process information in different ways. This means that you can easily check and adapt your speech to make sure it includes enough visual words which create powerful images, auditory words which tell the story, words which create strong feelings and words which appeal to the rational side of understanding.

In order to have a powerful impact, a speech needs to come across as sincere and this is something which can make or break a great speech. Be sure to read the case studies and white papers provided to learn more about how the IntenCheck text and sentiment analysis software can assist you.

And last, but not least, if you’re really serious about writing speeches that deliver the message with maximum impact, make sure to use the professional version of IntenCheck – which for the moment is completely FREE to use! – to take advantage of all the detailed information and the added categories of results (attitude, motivation, timeline & perceptual positions).

Now that you have read a very brief description of what IntenCheck does, go ahead and start using this innovative text analysis tool and find out in how many more ways it can offer you the extra insights you need to create your perfect speech.

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