Our Story

In school, we learn how to read, write, and do math. All of these skills of course are essential to our education. However, what we do not learn is how to communicate efficiently; in the real world that ability is as important if not more so as the ability to write or calculate. The capacity for skillful communication may save marriages, friendships, help you make better business deals, as well as simply allow you to understand other people better and be better understood by them.

During the last twenty years I have been teaching NLP by holding seminars, doing business consulting, coaching, and private sessions. In reality, I have been decrypting the deep hidden meaning of people’s communication using my knowledge in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technology.

As a NLP Trainer I knew the huge impact of the words we use. Words can heal and words can hurt. Words can start wars or can create love and peace. People use words to describe their thoughts and feelings, but also to cover the truth, or to manipulate others.

Although I was teaching hundreds and hundreds of people how to use words effectively, I felt that I needed to do something more, something big. I just didn’t really know what this could be. As I kept looking for answers, on one spring afternoon in 2009, I had this moment of inspiration, almost like a dream. Here I could see clearly how to create a way for people to understand each other better and communicate more effectively across borders and cultures. I saw how this would help millions of people to communicate better and create more successful businesses, more successful relationships and live more fulfilling lives. At the heart of this idea was the realization that the way people communicate has expanded electronically, to a greater realm of virtual reality: the internet.

With the desire to show the real intent of the words we use, I decided to start analyzing neuro-linguistic meanings of written texts. It was at first just a small project, but it grew bigger and bigger each year. Now, six years later, we have finished building our IntenCheck engine from the ground up, and what started out as a small project now become Intentex Ltd, a startup  founded by a team of experts across multiple fields, ranging from linguistics and research to business.

It has become my personal mission to teach people the basis and laws of communication, as I believe that this kind of knowledge will make the world a better place.


Vadim Dekhtyar,

President of Intentex Ltd.