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Candidate Trump vs President Trump: what’s the difference?

President Donald Trump is approaching the first 100 days of the presidency. For this occasion, as previously, we have decided to conduct our own analysis using IntenCheck – a unique sentiment text analysis engine, which provides 7 groups of categories with 26 different measures in the tone and communicative style, providing quick results on the true nature and meaning of any text.

As we know from many sources, Trump writes or dictates his tweets himself, which creates a verbatim, a literal reflection of the current state. Thus, by using tweets from the @RealDonaldTrump Twitter account we have the opportunity to construct a neurolinguistic portrait of the initial presidency period in comparison to the pre-election period and see the changes in the sentiment of President Trump.

The template (baseline) was created from 2814 tweets posted during the election period (from April 9, 2016 to January 21, 2017). Then, we took 404 tweets, from the day of the inauguration until April 17, 2017 and compared against the template using IntenCheck’s linguistic categories.

Let’s look at the results and compare to our analysis of the presidential debates to see how presidency started to affect the sentiments of Donald Trump’s texts.

Tone Analysis

If we look at the Emotions category and compare to our previous results, during the presidential debates, we can see that Anger and Sadness were the prevailing categories, and now the main emotion is Disgust!

Amid the last two (2nd and 3rd) presidential debates with Hillary Clinton, the dominant Attitudes were Passive and Negative. At this moment we can observe Strong and Positive attitudes are more pronounced.

Communicative Analysis

During the debates, Audial Communication Style was dominant, in contrast, it changed to a more Rational and also Visual.

In the initial debates, Trump talked a lot about Past and then switched to the Future in the last debate, but now Present is the dominant timeline position.

There is also a very strong change in Motivation. Throughout the debates the Motivation direction was From. Currently, Toward is the leading motivation.

Similar, as during the time of the debatesPerceptual Position-III (They) is strongly pronounced. Perhaps, this is an indication that there is a continuation of the struggle between President Trump and the people or forces whose resistance he has to overcome.


By utilizing IntenCheck software it’s now possible to monitor the dynamics of changes in tone and communicative styles through analysis of any texts, including influential people, whose decisions affect the reality of the world and correspondingly make certain predictions toward future. This can help to obtain important information based on scientific research and advanced technology.


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