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IntenCheck is the latest innovation when it comes to sentiment analysis software. With our new text analysis tool you can uncover more information from texts than you ever thought is possible. Our software helps you understand others better, become a masterful communicator and use language like a true expert.

Now you can really get the results you deserve by tapping into the hidden potential of effective written communication.

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Text analysis for effective communication.

Many years of research and studies have shown that effective communication has a specific structure and can be achieved in 3 steps:

  1. Know the direction and purpose of communication.
  2. Have sensory acuity and get feedback regarding the responses you receive.
  3. Be flexible in your communication and use the feedback to help you adjust your message until you achieve your outcome.

Our text analysis software is built with these 3 steps in mind.

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The 7 types of text analysis results.

When you start using IntenCheck it’s easy to communicate at your best and understand others better than ever. The 7 types of text analysis results – emotions, communication style, sincerity, attitude, timeline, motivation and perceptual positions – give you all the information you need to be effective.

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Mood Check
Style Check
Attitude Check
Perceptual Positions Check
Timeline Check
Motivation Check
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*We do not collect, store or view any texts that you analyze with our software. All texts that are submitted for analysis are encrypted and only you can see them.

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