Dragos Bratașanu, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Director of “The Amazing You” Movie

“I’ve had the chance to try out this technology at an early stage, and I must say I’m really impressed. It’s such an incredibly powerful communication tool.”

Vadim Dekhtyar, NLP trainer, Founder and Director of Academy NLP & President of Intentex

“This is a technology that can make a difference. It’s designed to make effective communication easy for everyone!”


Arturas Slobinas MD, President of Lithuanian Society of Hematology

“I have tried this technology for several purposes – communication with Society’s partners, public presentations and teaching – the system works perfectly and is of unquestionable value.”


Chris Hoeben

“It is a very nice piece of software. So far, it all seems working pretty well, good job. Very nice to see that principles and knowledge are so well weaving in this program. We have the technology to build our future. Good job so far.”


Richard Juneau

“Great program! I’ve just tried it and I like it already!”


Eugenijus Gerulskis, Senior Account Manager, 4team Corp.

“While I read a lot about customer relations and anchoring techniques that I try to apply on my daily work routine to establish more informal and closer connection with prospects, I missed some key elements that Intentex allowed me to discover. I learned that communication is never about the products or services we try to sell, rather the right approach used to speak with customers. It’s important to understand the language differences people use to express themselves, how do they perceive reality and why some people are easy to talk to, while you struggle with others. Incredible analysis done by Intentex not only allows to find flaws in your own emails, but also describes a great picture of prospects’ communication style that allows to adopt and communicate with them more closely.”