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IntenCheck Blog

Using IntenCheck to become an effective communicator

First of all, I’d like to welcome you to our IntenCheck blog. Here you will be able to find more information about our sentiment analysis technology, information which will help you become a much more effective communicator.

We have built our text analysis technology with the idea of effective communication in mind. From the beginning we wanted to create an application that could help you get from where you are to where you want to go. This means that, in order to communicate effectively, you must know the direction and purpose of your communication – you must have a goal in mind.

Once you know the purpose of your communication, our text analysis software is designed to lead you, step by step, to achieve your goal. It does this by, first of all, helping you choose the right words to deliver your message.

The words you use can inspire powerful emotions and attitudes in the reader, or they can make your message pass through the reader’s mind completely undetected. Our software can show you how your text is perceived, and it’s up to you to follow the suggestions and make changes to your text, based on the information you receive.

Also, our text analysis application is designed to help you adjust your communication based on the person you are communicating with. This means that you can analyze texts written by the person you intend to communicate with, and write your message based on their unique way of thinking. It also means that any responses you receive can be used to further adjust your communication in order to get better and better responses from that specific person.

Now that you understand the simple principles of effective communication that are at the base of our technology, get ready to learn how to make the best use of IntenCheck. Our following posts will cover examples of text analysis results and how to interpret them effectively, so make sure you follow us through social media to get the latest updates.