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Comparing Melania Trump & Michelle Obama’s speeches. Semantic text analysis.

There is a big debate happening whether Melania Trump has plagiarised over Michelle’s Obama speech. Let’s put this contest under scientific scrutiny using Intencheck technology.
First, we combined both texts and created a language norm for both of them. Then we evaluated each speech against the created norm.

These are the results:


Two statistically significant emotions were Anger and Joy. Michelle scored higher on Anger and lower on Joy compared to Melania. Fear and Surprise were not statistically different; however we can still see clear differences in those two emotions with Michelle Obama showing a higher level of Fear and a lower level of Surprise. There were no differences in feelings of Disgust or Sadness.
Our first conclusion – from an emotional expression viewpoint is that these are different texts. And Melania looks more appealing.


Next, we looked at Attitude and here we can see that Michelle Obama’s speech is highest in the Negative and Active categories and lowest in the Positive, Strong, and Weak. Melania’s speech is the opposite. It scores highest in Positive, Strong, and Weak and lowest in the Negative and Active categories.
Same conclusion – these are two very different texts. And Melania’s text brings out more compassion.


When comparing the styles of Communication for both texts we can see that while Melania’s text is very rational, Michelle’s text appeals to the feelings (Kinesthetic). From an effectiveness point of view, Michelle Obama’s text is preferable because she uses all of the sensory channels (Visual, Audial, and Kinesthetic). Results show that these are two completely different texts and it looks like this is not a plagiarized text.


There are some interesting Timeline analyses as well. It looks like Michelle’s main focus is the past, whereas Melania’s is the future.


The results of Perceptual Position analysis show that Melania’s text is very personal (she mostly uses the first person I/Me position). She also uses the second (He) position which is understandable because she introducing/selling her husband – Donald Trump. Michele’s text is more distant; she mostly uses the third person (they) position.

In conclusion, as a result of these analyses, we can see that these are two different speeches which reflect two different personalities. The similarities that are seen are only tiny parts of the speeches overall. It is understandable that Melania Trump brings up the same points that Michelle Obama brought up when her husband ran for office, at the same time, it is Melania’s and her team’s responsibility to make sure this misunderstanding does not happen again.