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Introducing IntenCheck

Ask yourself this question: are you satisfied with the results you now have?

Whether it’s about your business, your job or relationships, the results you are getting are directly connected to your ability to communicate and to understand what others are communicating.
Would you like to have better results?
We can help you do just that. So let us introduce you to our powerful web-based sentiment analysis tool – IntenCheck.

Our software will allow you to run a detailed analysis of texts and uncover hidden meanings within them. Created by a team of experts in linguistics, this simple to use, yet highly advanced technology gives you the power to communicate with precision and clarity and to understand language like a true expert.

IntenCheck is the first web-based software that analyzes language to such an extent, and we are happy to offer completely FREE ACCESS to our software’s full features for the next few months.

So, are you ready to sign up and start using IntenCheck today, at no cost at all?

Why IntenCheck


Better Communication

Our software will help you learn the communication preferences of the people you interact with. You will be able to profile people and use this information to help you write better presentations and more effective emails, as well as prepare for interviews or meetings more effectively.

Our text-analysis tool will help you understand others better, become more influential and motivate people better.

If you are a non-native English speaker, you will want to check your text with IntenCheck and make sure your message is clear and accurate and it doesn’t contain words that express the wrong emotions or attitudes.


Social Media & Email Monitoring

Use IntenCheck’s unrivaled sentiment analysis capabilities to analyze client and user feedback and identify where the problem areas are. You can even use the analysis results as a base for developing and implementing strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

You will also be able to identify “cheerleaders”, “naysayers” and gauge overall brand health, as well as keep an eye on competitors and market trends.


Branding & PR

Make sure that the signals you send through press releases, company news, articles and social media posts communicate exactly what you intend without leaving room for doubt.


Other areas of use

Improve the efficiency of departments such as tech support, sales, client services, marketing, PR;
Improve social and intra-company communication;
Improve communication with clients and business partners;
Improve the chances to win an election by preparing more effective and influential speeches.
Become a better writer by analyzing your texts and making adjustments based on the feedback received through text analysis.


IntenCheck API

The IntenCheck API lets you integrate our technology into existing business processes and create new and exciting communication applications that cover all your business’ needs. You can combine our technology with in-house text analysis and data-mining tools and you can develop mobile, desktop or online-based applications.
The API allows access to more precise information, better enabling agents to respond.