About Our Technology

IntenCheck API

The IntenCheck API lets you integrate our technology into existing business processes and create new and exciting communication applications that cover all your business’ needs. You can combine our technology with in-house text analysis and data-mining tools and you can develop mobile, desktop or online-based applications.
The API allows access to more precise information, better enabling agents to respond.

IntenCheck API is a unique text analysis engine that can reveal the intent of a text in just a few seconds. Our system will show you information about the preferred communication style of your respondent, and help you easily understand the intent, emotions and attitude hidden within the text. It will even show if the text seems sincere or not. Our lexicon-based sentiment engine can provide a detailed analysis of texts, showing users what effects the words they use have on their readers in ways that by far surpass our competitors.

IntenCheck API offers 7 groups of categories of results: emotions, attitude, communication style, sincerity, timeline, motivation and perceptual positions.

IntenCheck API – Guide