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Our predictions for today’s voting

We are very curious about today’s voting in Florida, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. The tension and dynamics of the race are at its pick for some States. As usual we made our prediction based on remarks in different media sources about the candidates. Previously we were in 75-80%.

Please take a look here:

Florida: looks like Clinton has better chance

Democrats FL

but the dynamics of last 2 weeks says differently

Dinamycs Dem

Republicans have no surprises

Rep FLl

In Illinois: Trump and slightly more probably Clinton. But the surprises might be on Sanders side.

Dem Il Rep Il

Missouri: Trump and with little chance of victory Clinton.

Dem Miss Rep Miss

But again – the suspense is killing me! The dynamics show better result for Sanders

Dynamics Dem Miss

North Carolina is not in the mood for the uncertainty

Dem NC Rep NC

You could say the same about Ohio if Kasich wouldn’t take a second place

Dem Oh Rep Oh

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the evening.