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Semantic analysis of Trump’s presidential nomination speech during RNC 2016.

On Thursday night (July 21st, 2016) Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president and delivered the biggest and the most important speech where he presented his presidential program.

We decided to do semantic analysis of his speech using Intencheck technology.

Here are the results:


The speech was highly emotional with dominant emotions such as Anger, Fear, and Sadness.


Despite the domination of negative emotions, the main attitude of his speech is Positive.


Trump’s speech was highly Rational.


Timeline analysis shows that in his speech, Donald Trump analyses the Present situation, but his main focus is to the Future.


The result of the Perceptual Position analysis shows that Trump refers to the 3rd Position (They) when he criticised the political establishment. And the highest score in his speech is the 4th Position (We) when he tries to unite the Republican Party and the American people.