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How to use sentiment analysis software to implement compliance measures.

In today’s dynamic business environment, an organization must stay competitive by thinking and acting strategically and communicating effectively. Fortunately, you have just come across our innovative sentiment analysis software that will assist you in creating enterprise-wide communication guidelines in order to get the best results.

Our text analysis (or sentiment analysis) tool – IntenCheck – can help your organization gain a competitive edge by increasing the effectiveness of its communication strategies. This can be done in three easy steps.

First of all, IntenCheck helps you identify poor communication issues within your company by letting you analyze the messages sent by employees, as well as the responses received, and providing detailed feedback. The text analysis results will show you what needs to be improved. You can see whether the messages written by your company’s employees express the right emotions and attitudes, use an appropriate communication style, appear to be sincere and much more.

Secondly, based on the information gathered you are able to create new communication guidelines for various scenarios. You can do this by choosing the limits for each category of results, so that when a new message is analyzed it has to be within the set limits. Let’s take a look at an over-simplified example and choose a scenario where an employee has to reply to an angry email:

In this case, one of the rules would require the reply to match the communication style of the person who sent the angry email. This means that after analyzing the text, all results in the communication style category – ‘visual’, ‘auditory’, ‘kinesthetic’ and ‘rational’ – need to be displayed as ‘normal’.

A second rule would require the reply to avoid negative emotions:  ‘anger’ ‘sadness’ ‘fear’ and ‘disgust’ must have values ranging from  ‘normal’ to ‘very low’.

Positive emotions could range in the following way: ‘surprise’ and ’joy’ must have values between ‘normal’ and ‘very high’.

Finally, a third rule would require the message to communicate a positive attitude: ‘positive’ values must be higher than the ‘negative’ values.

Only after these criteria are met, the person writing the reply would be allowed to send it.

The third and final step towards implementing new compliance measures within your company is a simple one: making sure that all employees use the IntenCheck sentiment analysis software to analyze and adjust their texts in order to match the communication guidelines.

It’s important to remember that IntenCheck has much to offer and we recommend that you take a look at the case studies and white papers provided in order to make the most out of this unrivaled text-analysis technology. And whether you’d like to start using IntenCheck now or later, just keep in mind that at the moment we are offering the Pro version of our sentiment analysis software completely FREE of charge!

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