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ESL: Text and sentiment analysis software for improved communication.


Picture yourself communicating your message effectively in English, without worrying that the words you use could have a different meaning than you intended.

If English isn’t your native language, and unless you’re an expert when it comes to English language, this probably would seem like something extremely hard to achieve. However, with the advancement of technology this can now easily be a reality for you.

The IntenCheck text analysis software is an advanced communication tool which is completely FREE to use and available to you right now. What this tool does will surely get you feeling really excited at the idea of communicating effectively in English.

In short, IntenCheck reveals information hidden behind the different words used within a text. This means that you can now quickly analyze the message that you want to transmit and make sure it has the meaning that you want it to have.

By using this intelligent text analysis tool (or sentiment analysis tool), you can quickly find out if your message expresses the emotions that you want – joy, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust or fear. You can also easily find out if the text you wrote appears to be sincere or not.

To make your online conversations even more effective, you can also analyze texts from people who you communicate with and then write responses based on their preferred communication style to create an even better understanding between you. What this means is that you can see clearly if you need to use more words which refer to pictures, words that refer to feelings or sounds, or words which are more rational, in order to match your recipient’s communication style.

With all this information provided to you in just a few seconds, IntenCheck helps you make the right adjustments to your texts and allows you to improve your ability to communicate in English with confidence.

If you wish to learn more about how to use our text and sentiment analysis software to communicate more effectively in English, you can read the case studies provided. Be sure to use this innovative tool regularly and you will rapidly see your communication skills sky-rocketing.

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