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Sentiment Analysis Software for Journalists.


Can you imagine what it would be like if you were a writer for your favorite magazine or newspaper? Is that something that has crossed your mind before? Or perhaps you’re already one of the lucky few to be in such a position, and you’re just wondering how you can become better at what you already do.

Even if you think of yourself as just an amateur writer, you can seriously start considering how to write articles that can land you a job in a magazine you could before only dream about writing for.

How can all this be possible?

By being smart enough to realize that it takes more than just good writing skills to get noticed by the right people. What good writing can’t do for you, IntenCheck will.

In the following paragraphs we will introduce you to this ‘secret weapon’, a state-of-the-art sentiment analysis software that will give you a giant leap towards reaching your goal.

IntenCheck has been developed by a team of specialists in linguistics and skilled computer programmers to give people like you a chance to get noticed, improve results and get ahead of the competition. And because we believe it’s important for people to have modern tools to compete in this digital age, we’re offering our sentiment analysis software for FREE to our users – even the Pro version!

So, let’s start with what IntenCheck does: in short, it analyzes texts and reveals hidden information about the emotions, communication style, attitude (Pro version) and level of sincerity expressed within the texts analyzed.

The applications of our sentiment analysis tool are way too many to cover here, but we’ll show you a quick example to see why you need to start using it right away, if you’re serious about your writing.

In this scenario, let’s consider that you would like to become a journalist for a big magazine, but don’t have the CV to back you up for the job. What you could do instead is start a blog on the topics covered by the magazine you have in mind.

So far, there’s nothing outstanding. But here is when you start using IntenCheck to your advantage.

Before starting to write your first article, you must research the texts that are published in the magazine you are aiming for. Just copy-paste the texts into our software and find out what is there that doesn’t meet the eye.

IntenCheck can reveal to you what kind of emotions the articles transmit to its readers. Perhaps they express joy and happiness. Or maybe they surprise the readers each time, making them feel excited and curious in anticipation of the next edition of the magazine. Whatever emotions they have the reader experience, you can now find out and use them in your own articles.

You can also find out more about the style of writing: if it is predominantly visual and referring to images, or the authors encourage the readers to think and understand something – thus being predominantly rational. Perhaps a high number of words referring to feelings was used, helping readers feel in a certain way. Whatever the case is, you can apply it to your own writing style.

Now let’s take a look at one more feature you can take advantage of, even in the simple version of our sentiment analysis software: sincerity level.

IntenCheck analyzes the words used and also reveals how sincere or insincere the text appears to be. This is a big plus, giving you the feedback you need to make sure you seem truthful to your readers and helping you build a loyal audience.

After taking into account all this information and adjusting your blog posts accordingly, you can start drawing attention of the magazine editors towards you, by connecting with them directly. After all, now it’s more likely to get a positive response from them, since your writing style matches that of the magazine.

Now you have a solid foundation that you can use to get noticed, one which backs you up for the job you are after, giving you a clear advantage.

It’s worth mentioning that, in the Pro version of our sentiment analysis tool – which at the moment is completely FREE to use – you get access to four more categories of results. You can find out more about the attitudes that are encouraged, as well as uncover information about the types of motivation, timeline and perceptual positions.

After reading this text we hope to have you convinced of the real value that you can get from using our innovative sentiment analysis software. If you would like to read further about how IntenCheck can help you, please go ahead and check out the case studies and white papers provided.

We encourage you to start using this tool right away to make the most out of every opportunity. After all, it’s completely FREE.

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