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Sentiment Analysis for Better Social Media and Content Marketing.


Can you imagine yourself getting better results than ever before through using social media and content marketing effectively? Even if you’re an expert in the field, how excited would you feel if you had just discovered an innovative sentiment analysis software that will tremendously boost the results you get?

In the next few minutes you are going to discover how our sentiment analysis tool – IntenCheck – will help you do just that.

Let’s start with what IntenCheck does: in short, it analyzes texts and reveals hidden information about the emotions, communication style, attitude and level of sincerity expressed within the texts analyzed.

If you’re working with social media or online content, the applications of this tool are too many to cover here. But here’s an example so you can see why it’s such a powerful software:

Imagine that you’re writing an article or post and you want users to not only read it, but feel good when reading it so they would return to read more of your posts later. You could analyze your text and make sure that you are using words which express joy and surprise, rather than sadness, anger, disgust or fear.

You also want to make sure that your writing style fits people who process information in different ways. Some people tend to think more in images, some people relate best when words refer to feelings, some like to “hear” what you are writing and some are simply more rational and need first of all to understand rather than to see, feel or hear what information you are offering. You can easily check this in just a few seconds and our text analysis software will guide you to make the appropriate changes, if any are required.

Another thing that is equally important is to make sure that you appear genuine and sincere to your readers, and this is another area where you can use IntenCheck to help you. Also, when using the professional version of our sentiment analysis software, you can go even further and analyze specific attitudes that your text transmits to readers, allowing you to make more adjustments until you are sure to get the response you want to get.

The same ideas can be applied when writing newsletters, social media posts, or any other forms of written communication.

Be sure not to limit yourself just to these examples of how to use IntenCheck. You can also use this completely FREE tool to analyze what other people are saying through social media and various online conversations about you or your brand. Gather information from online sources, analyze it and use it to develop powerful and effective strategies to get the best results possible.

You can read more about this innovative sentiment analysis tool in the case studies provided below. Try it now and start discovering the many ways in which IntenCheck will help you and your brand get better noticed.

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