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Text analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for PR Specialists.


Imagine a newly emerging text analytics software, so advanced that it will take written forms of communication to a whole new level of professionalism and effectiveness.

Our latest innovation – IntenCheck – is a completely FREE text analytics and sentiment analysis software that can reshape the way PR specialists work.

It is already a well-known fact that by examining and understanding people’s attitudes, organizations, enterprises, public institutions and PR consultancies try to evaluate the sentiments or tone expressed toward a brand, subject or topic.

IntenCheck has taken this kind of sentiment analysis one step further.

It is now possible for you to use this exciting tool to analyze any text and uncover the hidden information expressed within it. You can now get deep insights in just a few seconds about the emotions expressed within any text, the communication style used, specific attitudes expressed (Pro version only) and even find out if the text comes across as sincere or not.

What this means is that now you have an advanced text analytics tool at your disposal that will show you exactly what people are really saying about a specific brand, or topic. What they are really thinking about it. All you have to do is analyze the information you have gathered from online sources and then use it to your advantage.

Perhaps the even more exciting aspect of using this sentiment analysis software is for creating more effective communication strategies. Here’s a quick example of how this can work:

Imagine that you want to create an effective press release that will draw attention and get a positive response towards your brand. You can make sure that you are using positive emotions such as joy and surprise to get people to feel good when reading it – thus associating the positive feelings with the brand. This is easy to do, simply by analyzing your press release and letting IntenCheck guide you to make any necessary adjustments that might be needed.

You can also make sure that the press release is equally effective for different types of people, who process information differently. What this means is that you can easily check and adapt your text to ensure that it includes enough words that appeal to the rational side as well as enough words which create powerful images, strong feelings or sounds in the readers’ minds. In this way you can be certain that all people who read the press release will be able to easily follow the text.

It is equally important, if not more important, for the text to come across as sincere to people who are reading it. Our sentiment analysis software also lets you see if you need to make more adjustments to your text for this reason.

Having read just a few of the advantages that this FREE text analytics tool can offer you, make sure to go ahead and start using it right away. Explore the different ways in which you can use it to get your brand ahead of your competitors and start right away to improve the effectiveness of your communication.

Also be sure to read the provided case studies and white papers if you want to learn more about using IntenCheck.

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