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Text analysis software and lyrics analysis tools for musicians.


Have you ever wondered why some songs become an instant hit while most just fail to grab the attention of the audience? In a world where there are literally thousands of songs written every day, today it takes more than just a good melody to get noticed in the music industry. It takes much more than that.

By the time you finish reading this text you will feel excited at the possibilities that lie ahead of you, now knowing that you can get the edge in a highly competitive industry. Let us show you exactly how you can take advantage of the latest lyrics analysis tools and text analysis software to write lyrics that will make people sing your songs inside their minds at breakfast, while working or commuting, or you name it.

The fact of the matter is that any memorable song has to have lyrics that create an emotional impact which is in tune with the melody. Our text analysis software – IntenCheck – will help you not only analyze successful songs of different genres and use the same strategies for writing your lyrics, but will also show you what your lyrics are lacking or what you need to cut back on.

Let’s say you want to create lyrics for a new song of a particular genre and you already have in mind some of the most successful songs of this type. You can start by using our lyrics analysis tool to analyze the texts of those successful songs and notice what kind of emotions their words create. Are they expressing joy and happiness or are they darker themed and use words related to anger or sadness? Also check the results and notice if they use words which evoke feelings, or if they use words which are more visual and paint a certain picture, or perhaps the lyrics are just simply thought provoking. Whatever the results may be, you can use them to give you a big helping hand when writing your own texts, by following a similar strategy.

After all, if you want to get great results it’s best to follow the footsteps of those who already achieved what you are trying to achieve, and that works just as well in the music industry too.

The amount of information that our lyrics analysis software offers you is enough to guide you towards amazing results and this is all for FREE. The professional version of our lyrics analysis tool not only gives you access to even more detailed information for all categories of results, but it also gives you access to entire groups of results (attitude, motivation, timeline, perceptual positions). All of this information can make a significant difference to the success of any song. And at the moment we are giving you access to the Pro version of our software also for FREE!

I’m sure that by now you can see some of the ways in which you can use IntenCheck to help you get the results you desire, and before you start thinking of all the other ways in which our text and lyrics analysis technology can assist you, let me add one more thing: IntenCheck has a lot more features that haven’t even been mentioned here, all of which can provide a huge boost to the success of your songs and your career. Be sure to read the case study provided to convince yourself even more of why you have to start using this free lyrics analysis software on a regular basis.

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