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Content Analysis and Text Analysis Software for Students


Being a student with great results requires not only study hours, but also understanding what your professors expect from you and knowing how to meet those expectations.

Have you ever experienced situations where you got better exam results from professors that you felt you understand better? Most students do and probably you have too in the past.

It happens often that students who relate better to the professor’s teaching style, or communication style are able to match it better when presenting their assignments and during exams, thus getting better scores. What if you could now use a completely FREE content analysis tool to help you get better results with all your teachers, not just those who you can relate with easier?

The IntenCheck text analysis software lets you use an advanced communication technology that can assist you to get better results, by helping you communicate better with your teachers.

This content analysis software lets you analyze texts and quickly uncover what hidden information lies behind the words used. From emotions, to communication style and sincerity level, and even attitudes (Pro version), IntenCheck shows you what you may not see from the start. It lets you write your assignments and develop writing styles that will have the most impact on your teachers.

For example, imagine the following: you have an assignment to write a paper for a specific teacher or discipline. If you have any study materials in electronic format which were written by that particular teacher, you could analyze them with our text analysis software and find out more information which you can then use when writing your paper.

Discover if your professor uses more words which refer to pictures and images, or more words related to sounds, more words which express feelings or if he is more rational and uses mostly words related to thinking rather than seeing, hearing or feeling. By adapting your paper to match his preferred style of communication you could make sure that he is able to follow your work easier. Also, by choosing to use words that express emotions in a similar way to his initial work which you have studied from, you are making it more likely for him to give you a better score. This happens because you are essentially creating good rapport with your teacher through your written communication with him.

Having read just a few ideas about how our content analysis software can help you get better results, you’re probably starting to feel very excited and curious to find out for yourself how this tool works. So go ahead and start using it now. Also read the provided case studies and white papers if you feel that you still want to see more ideas about how to use IntenCheck, before you start making use of it regularly.

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