Use cases

Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Business Professionals.


You may not realize it yet, but you have just come across a unique tool that will help your business get better results through better communication.

You’re probably wondering just how exactly can our text analytics tool – IntenCheck – help your business grow. Here are just a few examples to get you excited about using it.

First of all, here’s what our sentiment analysis software does: it analyzes texts and reveals hidden information about the emotions, communication style, attitudes and level of sincerity expressed throughout the texts.

One sure way to get better results is by developing better relationships with your customers. For this reason, you could use IntenCheck to analyze texts from your customers. The texts could be emails received, call transcripts, social media comments and posts or any other interactions, and find out what they are really saying. You can then formulate appropriate responses based on the information uncovered and make sure that they will have a good positive impact on your customers. You can do this by analyzing your own replies and comparing the results to the intended ones.

Our text analytics software can be used with individual messages, by letting you adjust your response to fit the communication style of the intended recipient. This would make your message more persuasive by creating the emotions and attitudes that you wish the reader to experience.

Of course, you may also use our text analytics software on a larger scale, when your message is delivered to multiple recipients. For example, you can also use IntenCheck to write effective press releases or create articles or social media posts that will have readers experience positive feelings towards your brand.

You may want to go even as far and establish or improve guidelines of communication for your employees, based on text analysis results. Have your employees check their messages to respect clear guidelines, depending on the receiver (prospects, clients, partners, colleagues, etc).

These are just some of the ways which clearly show you how you can use this brand new technology to your advantage. And the unbelievable news is that it’s absolutely FREE to use!

Build loyalty with your customers by connecting with them better, on a personal level – thus making them really feel valued. Start using IntenCheck now and see for yourself the improvement in the results you get.

You can also read more about this innovative and exciting tool in the case study below, if you need more information before making it a part of your business’ success.

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