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How to write better content for your website or blog with the help of sentiment analysis software.


By the time you finish reading this page you will have realized what a great new sentiment analysis software you have just discovered. Imagine how great it would feel if you could write better content than you have ever written before.

This is what the new IntenCheck text and sentiment analysis software is promising to its users. And it’s completely FREE to use, so you can convince yourself of the benefits it offers. Here’s how it works, in short:

IntenCheck lets you analyze any text and it reveals hidden information about the emotions, communication style, attitude (Pro version only), and level of sincerity expressed within the text analyzed. The applications of this sentiment analysis tool are so many that it’s impossible to cover here, but here’s an example to get you feeling excited and curious about why you should start using it right now:

Imagine that you’re writing content for your website to promote the product or service that you are offering. You want to make sure that your website’s visitors not only read the information you provide but also take action, whether this means signing up for your newsletter or purchasing something from your website.

In order to do this you want them to read your text and feel certain emotions that will make them feel motivated to take action. They could think about the good feelings of using your product or service, or even think of the worst case scenario and fear what could happen if they don’t take action.

IntenCheck lets you easily see what kind of emotions the words used in your text create in the readers’ minds. You can use it to analyze entire texts or just parts, and it offers invaluable information that can help you create content that determines readers to take the actions you want them to take.

You can also make sure that you come across as sincere and genuine to your website visitors by simply checking the text analysis results in the sincerity section. It’s that simple to use!

When you add to this the ability to create powerful content that delivers the message to all types of people, regardless of the ways in which they process information, you get an unrivaled sentiment analysis tool – which keep in mind is available to you for FREE. With just a simple press of a button you can check if you are using enough words which are visual and help paint a clear picture in the minds of your readers, enough words which refer to sounds or feelings, and enough words that appeal to their rational side. All this will help you write content that is much more effective and persuasive than before.

Also, in the professional version of our sentiment analysis software, you will be able to go even further and analyze specific attitudes that your text transmits, allowing you to make more adjustments until you are sure to get the response you want to get from your website’s visitors.

The same ideas as above can be applied when writing newsletters, social media posts, or any other forms of written communication, so now you’re probably really starting to see and understand what IntenCheck can do for you.

Make sure you start using this innovative content analysis tool right away and get the most out of your website or blog. Also, be sure to read the case studies and white papers provided if you wish to learn more about our text and sentiment analysis software and how to interpret the results.

Make sure you start using it right away, and be sure to read the case study provided if you wish to find out more information.

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