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Today one strange idea came to me – I suddenly wanted to analyze the lyrics of no less but of “Yesterday”. Like we all, I adore this song, sometimes feel nostalgic. I wanted to discover if not the magic of music, but at least of words. What is it so magnetic, irresistible or even hypnotic about it? So I did. And I think, I really need to share it with you:

In category Emotion there wasn’t big revelation : Joy – very low; Surprise and Disgust – high; Sadness – lower, then I have expected. But the real discovery came from the category Communication Style: Visual was at the highest point, but the rest – Auditory, Rational and Kinesthetic – were so properly adjusted, so harmonic, so tuneful.

No wonder this song touches hearts of everyone for already 50 years. Thank you, Paul!

Happy Birthday “Yesterday”!